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We provide full safe harbor product support to help elder law attorneys and their clients.


As the exclusive marketer for the NGL® HarborMaster™ annuity series, the SafeHarborAnnuity.com division provides exclusive support for elder law firms and solo practitioners around the country.


Our planning team can assist with the following:


  • Medicaid Safe Harbor Annuity Planning Strategies and Products

  • Use of the HarborMaster Flex™ Annuity for VA Improved Pension Planning Strategies and Products

  • Annuity Half-a-Loaf Planning Strategies

  • NGL® AssetGuard and Funeral Expenses Trusts (where available)

  • Promissory Note Planning Strategies


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When you place business through us, you're not alone. We work with all elder law attorneys to help guide them through the proper use of safe harbor products to serve their clients' long-term care planning needs.


Just fill out a Request-A-Quote online form-a representative from our experienced planning team will generate the illustration, help in the preparation of paperwork, and oversee the application process from start to finish...easy as that!


Whether you've been in practice for decades or are just learning the ropes, our staff can help you with every aspect of using safe harbor annuities to help your clients.


We don't believe that a safe harbor annuity is the best solution for every beneift spenddown problem; but in those cases where the use is both appropriate and preferable to other options, we have the best products available to meet your needs.




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Medicaid is the largest payment source for long-term care expenses.  In order to qualify, a person must spend down assets to become eligible.


With the rise of long-term care costs, the asset spenddown can easily wipe out a person's retirement nest egg. Over the years Medicaid has enacted numerous safe harbor provisions to promote planning and protect community spouses. These rules heavily favor the strategic use of certain types of annuities and other financial tools that are instrumental in helping a person legally qualify for assistance with the high cost of long-term care.


We support the use of these financial products by knowledgeable professionals to use in planning for a variety of available long-term care benefit program. The SafeHarborAnnuity.com division is exclusively dedicated to servicing the planning needs of elder law attorneys around the country.


"Smooth Sailing With Safe Harbor Annuities"

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