The HarborMaster   is a popular series of safe harbor  annuity products specifically designed for use in long-term care Medicaid Planning and VA benefit planning solutions.



Flexible planning solutions include short-term annuities, terms as low as 3 months.

Everything you want in an annuity product with an A-(Excellent) rating!

Full support with your cases and planning needs.

Planning reports and annuity quotes within 24 hours.

Available in 49 states and the District of Columbia.



  • Fully DRA compliant         

  • Irrevocable and non-assignable

  • Equal monthly payments       

  • Actuarially sound         

  • State can be named as beneficiary, as needed

  • Ideal for Community Spouse planning   

  • Non-qualified and qualified funds accepted       

  • Short benefit term available*

  • Changeable beneficiary designation

  • Beneficiary can be made irrevocable if needed         

  • Equal payments or balloon payments available       

  • One-time option to convert balloon payment to equal payments

  • Non-qualified and qualified funds accepted 

  • Ideal for VA benefit planning with tax-deferred assets

1 “Congress created a ‘safe harbor’ pursuant to which, certain annuities are not considered resources for purposes of Medicaid eligibility.” Zahner v. SECRETARY PA. DEPT. OF HUMAN SERVICES, 802 F. 3d 497 - Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit 2015

2 North Dakota, Oregon, and Washington State have rules that limit the use of short-term annuities. Processing fees charged for terms less than 48 months

3 Not available in New York.